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Tributes are paid to veteran comedian Sid Caesar

Tributes are paid to veteran comedian Sid Caesar

TRIBUTES have been paid to the veteran American comedian Sid Caesar who has passed away at the age of 91.

Mr. Caesar was not a stand-up comedian in the true sense of the term but he was a master of TV sketch comedy. Indeed, he has been credited with having been a pioneer of the genre with his TV show in the 1950s Your Show of Shows.

The live 90-minute variety show, which ran on American TV on Saturday nights between 1950 and 1954, was one of the most-watched programmes of the time. Mr. Caesar developed a wide range of sketches (see below) with his team of writers which included Mel Brooks, Neil Simon and Mel Tolkin.

A total of 160 episodes of the show were broadcast. But although it made him a star, the punishing schedule took its toll with the comedian blaming an addiction to pills and alcohol on the pressure of working six days a week. 

During this time stories emerged of the comedian’s temper fits. He once reportedly dangled Mel Brooks from an office window.

Months after Your Show of Shows ended, he returned to prime-time television with Caesar’s Hour which also proved a hit with audiences. In the late 1950s he also developed another show — Sid Caesar Invites You. But by this time his popularity was beginning to wane slightly.

During the 1960s he continued to work in television but he also enjoyed success on Broadway — appearing in the musical Little Me which involved him playing eight parts and having to make 32 costume changes. His performance earned him a Tony Award nomination for Best Leading Actor.

He also appeared in the hit film It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), see below.

Over the years, he won several Emmy Awards as well as being nominated on a number of other occasions. He was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 1985 and received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Comedy Awards in 1987. He also received a Career Achievement Award from the Television Critics’ Association in 2001 and a TV Land Pioneer Award in 2006.

The comedian was also active in charity events including the Chabad Telethon appeals in the US. At such events he would regular perform his famous “double talk” sketch (see below).

Mr. Caesar passed away at his home in Beverly Hills, California. He is survived by his two daughters and a son. His wife, Florence, passed away in 2010.

Among the many tributes was one from his friend Mel Brooks who said: “Sid was a giant, maybe the best comedian who ever practiced the trade, and I was privileged to be one of his writers and one of his friends”.

To see Mr. Caesar in an early sketch with Imogene Coca, click here.

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To see a short tribute to Mr. Caesar’s appearances on the Chabad Telethon Appeals, which features his “double talk” routine, click here.

To view an excerpt from an archive interview with Mr. Caesar, click here.

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