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Entertainment mogul Run Run Shaw passes away

Entertainment mogul Run Run Shaw passes away

THE Hong Kong entertainment mogul Sir Run Run Shaw has passed away at the of 107.

Born near Shanghai in 1907, Sir Run Run and his brothers first became involved in the entertainment industry when they opened a number of cinemas in Malaysia and Singapore, where the family had moved to in the 1920s. 

By the beginning of the 1930s he had added film-making to the growing list of family enterprises. But the Japanese invasion of Malaya and Singapore halted business operations. Sir Run Run and a brother later revealed that they had buried gold, jewellery and currency worth $4m in the back yard of the family home ahead of the Japanese troops arriving.

After the Second World War, the buried treasure was used to relaunch the family’s business operations. By 1959, Sir Run Run had moved to Hong Kong which was then the biggest market for Chinese films. He had soon opened Shaw Movietown where Shaw Brothers Studios based their operation. 

The studio began churning out movies — at its height the operation was producing dozens of films each year.

Sir Run Run is credited with inventing the Kung Fu movie with his studio going on to make some of the most popular films in the genre. These films included One-Armed Swordsman (1967) which was regarded by many as the first Kung Fu movie. However, the long list of actors who worked for Shaw Brothers Studios never included Bruce Lee who became a worldwide sensation after starring in martial arts movies.

Sir Run Run expanded the family business into television in the late 1960s after getting the licence to establish what was to become Hong Kong’s biggest local television studio, TVB.

His business activities were not confined to Asia. Sir Run Run also operated in the United States where he produced a number of films, including Blade Runner (1982).

Over the years, Sir Run Run had donated tens of millions of dollars to charities, universities and hospitals in Asia and beyond — including establishing The Run Run Shaw Institute of Chinese Affairs at Oxford University.

He received his Knighthood in 1977 for his philanthropy in Hong Kong.

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