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Security to be increased at City Cemetery

Security to be increased at City Cemetery

SECURITY is to increased at the Belfast City Cemetery after the latest attack by vandals resulted in 30 graves being damaged.

Among the graves which were attacked on the Falls Road site were those of children. Some headstones were damaged along with items which had been left by relatives and were said to be of great sentimental value.

Some relatives were said to have been left heartbroken by the attack.

Vandalism is an on-going problem at the cemetery but this latest incident in one of the most serious to have taken place. The attack has been widely condemned by local representatives.

Sinn Fein councillor Steven Corr said he wanted to ask the vandals why they had damaged the graves. He said: “It’s a question of why? Why they felt they could come into a place of eternal rest for people and destroy and cause wrack and ruin all round them. 

“I can’t explain why someone has come in and smashed up wee trinkets. Wee pieces that are maybe of no monetary value whatsoever but they’re very important and precious. They’re wee pieces of people’s lives that have been smashed.”

Belfast City Council, which is responsible for the cemetery, is now looking at ways of improving security at the site, including the provision of more wardens.

The chairman of the council’s Parks Committee, Gareth McKee, has also said that installing security cameras has not been ruled out.

He joined other council members in expressing outrage at the attack, saying: “Is nothing sacrosanct any more? Some personal items can never be replaced and the emotional impact on people is huge.”

Police appealed for information and also called on people who live close to the cemetery to contact them if they see anything suspicious.

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